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Friday, March 17, 2006

We want YOU for RWOTG!

I've put this off, because self-referential blogs make for tiresome reading, but people do ask and it has sort of come up, so here goes:

Dan is no longer administering RWOTG (the blog you're reading). He's still a contributor, but as you may know, Dan is in the army, and these are very busy days for the US armed forces. This left him without the time to update as often as he'd like, and so he offered the administration of the blog to the contributing members. I ended up being the new admin. To sum up the upcoming changes I have planned for the blog: Not much. The changeover, in most things, is just a formality, my watching the store while Dan is busy helping defend our country.

We are currently looking for new contributors, one of whom (Kallistos) joined recently. The way I do these things is by asking would-be contributors to sign up for Conservative Midwestern Pagans and introduce themselves. I do ask that those joining have a reasonably well-developed page of their own, and yes, blogs count. Why? For one thing, because it gives me a chance to check out your writing. For another, because in Pagandom especially, one can find more than a few liberal trolls who try to pass themselves off as conservatives, in order to slip into and undermine conservative communities. I know that sounds paranoid, but people have tried. What I want to see is solid evidence that you basically really are a Conservative, a Libertarian, or some combination of these, and have been for some time, and I want to get some sense of who you are, as a person. I want to know who it is that I'm sending an invitation to, before I send it. I would also ask you to look over the blog, and make sure that this is a site you'd like to help us build.

I look forward to hearing from you.