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Friday, October 28, 2005

Wilma Woes

Really, there is only one word for how people in South Florida have reacted to Wilma... RIDICULOUS.

No where in the US are people reminded over and over about how to use a generator. Yet people keep dropping like flies because they didn't know they can't use them indoors. You wouldn't drive your car up into your house and run it in the living room, would you? Hello folks! Gas engine = carbon monoxide.

No where in the US are people reminded over and over again about how to treat a 4 way stop. Yet people keep smashing into each other because they just don't seem to give a damn. 4 way stop means STOP. Not 4 way look or 4 way sneak through.

And today the news conference I just heard takes the cake. NO SCHOOL UNTIL TUES. Tuesday? What the hell? Are they just making excuses for not sending our kids back? I waited in line for propane with a principal from a Naples Elementary school. She said that she was going up to assess the damage there and that the kids would be back in school in a couple of days. If anything she was going to allow it to be used for a daycare, and that the kids could survive on peanut butter sandwiches; that it wouldn't kill them. This was so that parents could return to work. Wouldn't that be nice.... For the last couple of days, I've had to take my children to work with me. There is nothing worse than trying to do work and take care of your kids at the same time.

I just heard that the priority for FPL (Florida Power and Light) was to return power to gas stations. Excuse me?? People getting gas in their cars is more important than our children attending school? Yes the gas lines are a pain. I know first hand. I waited in line for an hour and half yesterday, only to be told that I couldn't get gas because the gas station could not take anything larger than a $50 bill. (I had a $100). However, my woe at the gas station is NOT more important then the education of my children.

There is a national law stating that American children have to attend school for 180 days in the school year. Yesterday, I heard that they may come up with some kind of plan allowing South Florida's children to not have to attend that many days, due to the hurricane. I believe, pre-hurricane, the day of dismissal for the summer was May 26. With these added days for Wilma, the day of dismissal would only be June 6th or 7th. Our kids can't handle that? Oh no, it might mess up someone's holiday plans.

It just seems a shame to me that South Florida's priorities are all out of whack.