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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Illegal immigration

When are we going to start enforcing our bordrer security? We seem to have this open-border policy with Mexico. The Mexican government has issued a comic book detailing how to enter the US illegally and avoid being caught. We have more than 7 million illegals living in the US. They're starting to get violent.

I say we close the border entirely. Make it as tough to get through as the Berlin wall used to be. Start deporting illegals instead of giving them jobs and benefits. Start fining companies that hire illegal immigrants, whether they know it or not. That will make the companies a little more careful in checking out the background of their employees. Finally, empower local and state police to hold illegals simply for being illegals. As it is right now, local cops just watch the illegals waltzing through town because they don't have authority over immigration issues (although some have taken steps to rectify this issue). I say, grant them some authority. Give them the power to jail illegal immigrants for 48 hours. If INS doesn't come and get the illegals in that time, then let them go.

There's a good article on why it isn't a victimless crime here. If you agree, write your congressman and senator, and tell them you want the Mexican border closed to illegal immigrants, and, more importantly, you want the illegals already here deported.