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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

An open response to Pawnmans post

I was going to just respond to his post, however I felt that not enough people would see it. Here is why pagans, specifically Wiccans, will not see the light of the right.

The reason that paganism and conservatism will not mesh, atleast in the near future, is Wicca. I'm not going to bash the religion as I try not to do that with ANY religion. Why I claim it is Wicca is for several reasons:

Wiccan's, in general, are environmentalists. They believe that the best way to preserve the environment is through government regulation. Often they will ignore, or make excuses to the fact that it is capitalism that has made the environment the best it has been since they started recording such things, in the 20's.

They are against religion. Why? Because they have a victim mentality. They believe that because there was a time when people (who weren't pagan more often than not) were burnt at the stake. It's the same attitude liberals take towards slavery. Sorry, you, or anyone you know has never been discriminated against because of religion. Many see Christians as an enemy. Many want religion completely taken out of society and left in the house, which goes against everything the founding fathers were going for.

They are against capitalism for several reasons. They don't like seeing successful companies because of the damage it may do to a few for the benefit of many. They don't accept the fact that people are never going to be equal, that the strong will become stronger while the weak and lazy will suffer. Yet they still own cell phones, cars, houses, and many other products made by large corporations.

Many interpret the Rede to an extent they will go so far not to harm individuals that they harm others indirectly, themselves, or society in general. Wiccanism was created by hippies, the worst form of communists. Very few Wiccans (statisticly in comparison to other groups in society) are not successful, therefore they use government handouts and rarely have to pay a large percentage of taxes which fund such handouts. The ideals are right, however they ignore human nature believing that everyone will be as generous as them, until they become successful and lose that generousity.

They only want amendments in the Constitution, and laws in general that benefit them or their ideals. They fight for the first amendment, when they want to attack a president or congressman. However they run websites where if you make statements they view as offensive or against their beliefs they will ban you(while its obvious to those who have been to the site I reference what I am speaking of let me state that the problem isn't with the webmaster. The webmaster and his wife are both wonderful people and I have much respect. The problem is that instead of being the be all end all he has deligated the decisions to a group of people who are much less understanding than himself). They won't fight for the second amendment because their ideals go against reality therefore they are against guns. I've already discussed their oppostion to religion. They won't fight for the 10th amendment because they fear that their rights to kill babies will become illegal. In the 5th amendment they ignore "except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the militia, when in actual service in time of war or public danger". They ignore the 12th amendment because the president they wanted didn't win. They ignore article 1 of the 14th amendment which only gives these rights to American citizens. Because of the blatant disregard for the founding document of the United States of America will keep pagans away from the right.

They are often people who were outcasts in school, never learning that despite how passive they were the bully wouldn't stop, until of course he faced someone who stood up and stopped him. All of this is based on personal experience and does not fit all pagans or Wiccans.