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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

How does religion affect politics

In response to an earlier comment, here are my thoughts about how paganism and conservatism can not only be reconciled, but actually mesh well together.

Paganism, at least in many forms, has a concept of karma. Do good, and good comes to you. Do bad, and bad things will happen to you. This meshes perfectly with the conservative view that hard work brings reward, and you should work for your own happiness rather than trying to appropriate someone else's.

Similarly, if someone attacks you, they have some bad karma coming. Who's to say you can't deliver it yourself? Many modern pagans seem to feel that no conflict is ever worth the cost. I say that history is full of examples of pagans going to war. If you shorten the whole rede to "harm none", then it's easy to see how you can be a strong proponent of peace. But if you take the original rede that Crowley put to paper, you see the nuances:

"Do the least amount of harm possible, to the least number of people possible".

So, what's the worse harm? Letting your own countrymen get steamrolled by a foreign power because you don't want to harm anyone? Or standing up and protecting those who cannot help themselves. I'm inclined to think that the latter leads to fewer people harmed all the way around.