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Saturday, December 17, 2005

Politics and "Torture"

I've written relatively extensively on this blog about what I think (also here, here, and here) of McCain and his Torture Amendment and the entire torture debate for that matter. He's also gotten a thorough scrogging by the blogosphere, as well.

So here we are, McCain has managed to get his amendment through Congress and now President Bush has capitulated to him. The issue really isn't torture, because torture is already illegal. The issue is of harsh and humiliating treatment, in which we have gotten information from terrorists that has prevented more terrorist attacks here in the States.

But let's be real here. What does this all boil down to?


Plain. Simple. Politics.

McCain himself admitted that he gave up more info than he should have when subjected to torture. Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, the mind behind 9/11, is said to have given up the goat after two minutes of being waterboarded. Yet it is the politicians that scream that these techniques don't work, but is it the politician's jobs to figure out the best way to get information from a terrorist? Nope, that's the job of professional interrogators. Politicians, however, only care about image and getting re-elected - or being elected to a higher office, as is McCain's case.

I want to ask all of you reading this a question: If one of your family members worked at a high value target, say anywhere in Washington D.C., New York City, even here in Miami or another big city, and there was someone who was planning to attack said target, what would you do to stop it in order to safeguard your family?

This issue is far beyond politics. This is life and death, and I personally would rather place my trust in the ability and training of our professional interrogators than our politicians.