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Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday Christmas Ramblings

Just got back from Christmas shopping.

Holy Crap.

I know everyone across our fruited plain has something to say about how nuts people get around this time of year. Of course, idiots like me who wait 'till D+7 to start our shopping only make it worse.

I've lived in the southwest, northwest, two states formerly of tha' Confetahrahcee, and a latin "paradise". Miami, year-'round, is like how most places in our country are during this time. Now imagine how nuttier a city of nuts can get. It's like full-moon at an insane asylum.

Traffic backed-up for a couple miles at the mall, people getting angry because they can't find parking spots in front of the mall - while people like me have no problem finding one because we park around the back and walk (what a concept). Hordes of people bumping into one another. All this is why I get there before 1 in the afternoon.

Of course, I like to rattle the cage a bit and wear my Che Guevara t-shirt that has a big slash through his face ala Ghostbusters. So far everyone that has bothered to say anything likes it, and the worst I get it is a few negative glares. Today a sales clerk voiced his approval and told me how he also worked at a school library and a couple of the kids are into Che-wear, yet they have no idea who he was, what he stood for, much less know about what he did. Makes me wonder what those latinos in the mall really know about him, or what they think when I pass. Not that I place much stock in what they think anyway.

Overall, my holiday has been good. No horror stories as of yet. What about you?