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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Echelon and the Left: Hoping We Don't Remember

Check this out:
Created in response to last week's bloody attacks, the draft "Mobilization Against Terrorism Act" (MATA) rewrites laws dealing with wiretapping, eavesdropping and immigration. The draft, intended to increase prosecutors' courtroom authority, also unleashes the government's Echelon and Carnivore spy systems.
Read the date in the link:
10:15 AM Sep. 20, 2001 PT.

Yup. four years ago we knew about Echelon and the White House plan to tap domestic phone lines without a warrant. We didn't care then because we were pissed-off and literally wanted heads to roll. Politicians didn't care then because being anything less than anti-terror and pro-American victory would be political suicide, which isn't the case these days if you judge by how the left has acted lately.

Abraham Lincoln said that, "the Constitution is not a suicide pact". He also suspended Habeus Corpus and even deported "agitators". FDR, rounded-up and held Nazi sympathyzers and held them as enemy combatants without trial. He also interned 100,000+ Japanese for fear of infiltration by agents. Harsh measures in a time of war are nothing new, and Echelon is tame by comparison.

Here is the transcript of 60 Minutes' investigation of the Echelon program in Febuary of 2000. For all you visiting Kos Kidz, that was before Bush.(h/t Michelle Malkin)