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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Democrats Attack Ohio Representative For Calling Murtha A Coward

Apparently it is acceptable to call the Commander-in-chief a war criminal but it isn't acceptable to say Murtha is a coward for his can't-do attitude when it comes to Iraq. Who cares if he was a war "hero"? That was then, in another war, when he held a different job. Now he is a senator who has given comfort to the enemy by telling them America can not win. He may have been a hero, he is now a coward, call a spade a spade.

The funniest bit about this is that the "environmentalist" Democrats are spending money on a Mobil billboard which is a horrible pollutant...but ignore the coward behind the curtain and focus on the attacks. Bottom line is, while I do find this dispicable, I find comfort in the fact the Democrats are doing nothing to advance causes and being proven wrong on their attacks (psss...the elections were today, we are winning in Iraq). Here is the story.