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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Come Visit The Socialist Paradise That Is Libya

For some Gods-forsaken reason, Michael Totten went to Libya. He gives us this report decribing the wealth and beauty that Kaddafi built with the principles of the superior political ideology that is socialism:

In the Land of the Brother Leader
I saw no corporate advertising: no Pepsi signs, no movie posters and no cute girls flashing milk-mustache smiles for the dairy industry. I did, however, see one hysterical propaganda billboard after another. They were socialist cartoons from the Soviet era, the same kinds of living museum pieces still on display in North Korea and other wonderful places where starving proles live in glorious jackbooted paradise.

The Happy Worker theme was a common one; smiling construction workers wore hardhats, and Bedouins-turned-widget-makers basked in the glory of assembly-line work. One poster showed two hands chained together at the wrist below an image of Qaddafi’s sinister Green Book descending from heaven.
It's sad really, because from the sounds of it, that place could draw a good amount of tourism, from the Arch of Marcus Aurelius to the ancient -but now empty- city of Ghadames. I wonder what the beaches are like.

Yet another place full of riches squandered by a terrible political system.