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Friday, December 09, 2005

Bake Tookie

I've been sort-of following the Stanley "Tookie" Williams death penalty case. I haven't payed alot attention to the details because for one, I support the death penalty, two, 24 years of appeals (including one upheld in 2002 by the the 9th Circus Circuit, probably the most left-wing court in the land) is enough to convince me that he's guilty, despite whatever procedural wrongdoing he alleges.

In my book, if one deprives another of life and liberty, then one forfeits their right to life and liberty. Murder is the most heinous of crimes, and deserves the harshest of punishments. Many people have argued the moral implications of the death penalty, and you can read both sides here. I remain steadfastly for the execution of those who take a life.

The good Williams may have done does not condone the violence he did to earn the right to be put to death, therefore it should not commute the sentence. If one wishes to turn their life from violence, that is great, but one should still be willing to accept the consequences of their actions. The good that Tookie had done should be for it's own sake rather than simply an excuse to remove his punishment.

For one in this situation, it becomes a decision of "the hard right versus the easy wrong", whereas this follows the logic that the morally right thing to do is often the hardest thing to do. In my view, if Williams really cared about something other than saving his own skin, he would own up to what he had done, accept his sentence, die as a man with a cleaner concience knowing that he deserved justice and hope that his death brings closure to the families of those he brutally murdered.