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Monday, December 26, 2005

Anti-Christian Hysteria

Something I picked up from the same message board I frequent, from Mother Jones:

A Nation Under God

I made it through a couple of paragraphs before the storytelling aspect of the story got on my nerves. I skimmed about halfway through looking for something firmly in the "non-biased-fact" genre before I gave up and moved on.

All this alarmism is ironic. For the last few decades in this country (though the phenomenon has existed for a few centuries), a small group of vocal ideologues have been telling people that much of what Americans have thought is wrong and that they have the answers to solving society's ills. Poverty? It's all because of racism. Crime? It can be cured with a therapeutic approach to the criminal.

Nevermind that when the "War on Poverty" began in the ' 60s- originally to reduce dependency on government programs - that the number of people who were below the official poverty line was half of what it was a decade before. Crime - which was also decreasing before people such as Attorney General Ramsey Clark enacted reforms - skyrocketed after the justice system tried to reform criminals rather than punishing them.

There's other issues, but you get the point. Those ideologues use "logical" arguments - that generally use the rules of argument than the rules of logic - to divert the debate away from the flaws in their ideas, and then blame the American public for being ignorant and stupid.

Well, guess what? Some in the public are fighting back, and it seems that the ideologues wish to paint their opponents as this article has painted some Christians. I find it ironic in a poetic sort of way.

One thing I did notice about this article: the book, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Islam (and the Crusades) , wasn't written by Gary DeMar, it was written by Robert Spencer. How can one attribute a quote from a book to a man when the real author has his name right in the front of the book?

Anyways, read the article if you wish. But since I haven't heard of anyone burned at the stake since this country was founded. I'm not going to subscribe to the fear-mongering these ideologues are trying to sell me.