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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yet Another Recruiting Perspective

Let me start off with some things that may surprise many of you. Yes, I was in the military, Army Signal Corps. That isn't the surprise, what is is before I joined I was a moonbat who feared the government and thought that the only solution was a forceful revolution. The other surprise I'm not proud of...I got out of the service early, after only one year. Quite possibly the biggest mistake of my life. I was the typical 19 year-old Dan mentioned in his post. I was immature and irresponsible. I had no clue how good I had it.

I was 19, working for just over minumum wage at a pizza joint, living in a roach motel efficiency apartment. When I worked, I ate, when I didn't, well...sometimes. My treat to myself was to go out to a movie every payday. I was in my first serious relationship. I was miserable for the most part (Pawnman can verify everything I say here as he is my best friend, and was at that time as well). My recruiter called several times, finally getting me to agree to meet him if he would never call again after our meeting. During this meeting he had me take the sample ASVAB. He got frustrated and said some inappropriate things when I finished a 20 question test in under 2 minutes, he felt I wasn't trying. He quickly ate his words when the score came back 100 percent. He found my weaknesses. First he asked me to take the ASVAB to see what I would score (He knew I loved showing off on standardized tests). While waiting for this he treated me to dinner a few times and would tell me his stories about places like Korea, and how women flocked to soldiers, hitting on my hunger, and the fact he could tell I wasn't too successful with the ladies. By the time the ASVAB results came back he had me with the stories of all of the ass I could get.

How does this affect my views on recruiting? It makes me realize that a military recruiter is just like any other job recruiter, they will tell you what you want to hear to get you in. Do I think its right? Yes and no. I think the problem isn't the recruiter, it's their target market. An 18 year-old is not usually going to research what they are getting themselves into. That is not the recruiters fault. I have mixed feelings about recruiting in schools, but the bottom line is as long as schools are funded by the government, the government has every right to recruit in those schools.