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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Why Everyone Should Read the 9/11 Report

Democrats like to use this to attack us. While the 9/11 commitee was quite biased, I've found plenty that justified war in the first 100 pages.

Turabi negotiated a deal with Bin Ladin to stop supporting activities against Saddam. (p.61)

In 1998, Sudan stopped supporting OBL. In 1994 Saudis revoked his citizenship and froze funds. Egypt, Syria, Jordan and Libya all pressured Sudan to stop support. (p.62)

In March of 1998 2 Al-Qaeda members went to Iraq to meet with Iraqi intelligence. In July, an Iraqi delegation traveled to Afghanistan to meet, first with the Taliban, and then with Bin Ladin. Meetings were aranged by OBL's Egyption deputy, Zawahiri. (p.66)

Iraqi officials offered Bin Laden a safe haven. (p.66)

Louis Freeh, head of the FBI from 93-01, appointed by Clinton, cut headquarters staff and decentralized operations. (p.76)

In 2000 there were twice as many FBI agents devoted to drug enforcement than there were to counter terrorism. (p.77)

Feb. 24, 1990, Saddam Hussein outlines offensive against U.S. and Isreal (The Persian Gulf Crisis -Steve A.Yettiv).