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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

A War on Multiple Fronts

The anti-war "Amerikkka Sucks" crowd has found a new cause, kids. A new 'chink' in the U.S, armor that can be exploited in order to embarass their ideological enemies: President "Chimpy McHitler" Bush and the eeevil neocons.

Yes, I'm dramatizing, but how can anyone take this seriously?

The issue that is being brought out now is the aforementioned "shake and bake" tactic used by our artillery assets in the assault on Falluja last year. This consisted of firing a White Phosphorus munition, in order to get entrenched insurgents out of their holes, and then dropping HE (High-Explosive) rounds to finish them off.

The charge made by the moonbats is that the U.S. is using chemical weapons, and therefore is morally no better than Saddam. Also they charge that the White House lied about it (as opposed to simply being wrong about it) , and this serves their "Bush Lied" campaign.

Their "vindication", and primary justification in this charge, is an article by Al-Guardian the Guardian today, and an article in Field Artillery Magazine (FAM) detailing the artillery role in the assault on Fallujah.

Problem is, it doesn't matter.

The use of White Phosphorous rounds allowed, as the U.S. has signed no treaties prohibiting it's use (not to mention we've used it since WWII; including Vietnam). Not only that, but according to FAM, the WP rounds used were the M110 and M825 variety. Both are smoke munitions used for screening. However, the M110 has an additional effect:
The M110 / M110A1 White Phosphorus (WP) projectiles are available for 105mm and 155mm howitzers. Used for screening, spotting and signaling purposes, they have an additional incendiary effect on a target and processes casualty producing effects.
Presumably this is the shell being talked about. However, all smoke munitions - including grenades - can cause problems if you breathe too much of it. From what I've seen on military ranges (probably in the M825 variety), artillery smoke is quite thick and could be used to flush out enemy personnel in cover.

Thus they're saying that dying from WP is more cruel than dying from VX (nerve gas), therefore the U.S. is even more evil than Saddam! Problem is WP, unlike VX, is lawful, and we aren't using it on civilians, much less our own people. Not to mention that the insurgent's suffering was quickly remedied by the oncoming HE rounds.

Incendiary weaponry is not limited to WP or napalm, but also used in armor-piercing incendiary rounds (API) and thermobaric bombs, which are effective against bunkers and caves because they rob all the oxygen in the area, suffocating the enemy inside.

Here is the crux of the matter: the use of WP and HE in this manner probably helped more of our soldiers to come home than would have otherwise. War sucks, war is terrible, that's why we avoid it. Yet when it's inevitable we go in with everything we have and win it with as few casualties as possible. No one ever won a war with good intentions and moral superiority.

I've seen no proof that WP or any other munition was deliberately used on anyone other than enemy combatants (keep in mind that also the insurgents don't obey Geneva Conventions and distinguish themselves from civilians, so it's inherently hard to prove either way), so it stands to reason that these people are: a) Jumping to conclusions, and/or: b) don't care if the American soldier benefits from the use of WP, as long as their personal political and ideological goals are furthered.

That's what we're fighting here, an ideological war, because the terrorists haven't won a significant victory on the battlefield. All they can hope to do is undermine our will to fight, just like it was done in Vietnam and Somalia. Unfortunately there are people here in America more than willing to use the same tactic, and they will use our own dead and our own weapons against us.