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Friday, November 11, 2005

Wacko Moonbat Protest Alert

From Code Pinko's website (h/t LGF):

Veterans Day LA

LA Gears Up For Three-Day Veterans Day Weekend
with Veterans for Peace
Friday, November 11th - Sunday, November 13th

WHERE: Arlington West Memorial, North of the Santa Monica Pier on the Beach (Near Santa Monica Fwy. and Pacific Coast Hwy.)

WHY: To commemorate the veterans of all U.S. wars particularly as Death Toll for US Troops Killed in Iraq Rises to 2,055 to Date.

Contingent of California Gold Star Families to Lead Procession
of 100 Flag-Draped Coffins Through Streets of Santa Monica
Noon on Saturday, November 12th.

Call for 400 Volunteer Pallbearers (if you are interested in volunteering in this procession, please contact Tonia Young at Topanga Peace Alliance/Arlington West, Veterans Day Weekend Coordinator
310-455-2688 /

WHO: Six California Gold Star Families (with members who were killed in Iraq), U. S. Veterans from Iraq, Persian Gulf War, Vietnam, Korea and WWll, The Interfaith Community, celebrities and local public officials will lead the respectful procession. Families will carry large photos of their beloved husbands, sons, siblings and boyfriends, who were killed in the Iraq War.

PROCESSION ROUTE: Leaving from Santa Monica Pier, going North through Palisades Park, along Ocean Ave. In the Palisades Park, veterans will lay 4 wreaths at the Veterans Monument. Then the coffin procession will head East toward the Third Street Promenade, and South back to the pier.

Arlington West Santa Monica Veterans Day Weekend:
Friday, November 11th - Sunday, November 13th.

WHERE: All events listed below are located at Arlington West, Santa Monica Beach, unless otherwise designated.


7:30AM--The memorial of over 2,050 crosses will be erected.
Congresswoman Maxine Waters is planning to participate.
Former U. S. Diplomat Ann Wright will assist with set up and be available for interviews.

1:00 PM--Speakers will read the names of the soldiers killed at the top of each hour. A gong will sound as each name is read aloud.

WHO: Kevin McKeown, Santa Monica City Council Member

Abdul Henderson, Iraq War Veteran, Marine Corporal, featured in Michael Moore's film Fahrenheit 9/11

Tim Goodrich, Iraq and Afghanistan War Veteran, Air Force

Shakeel Syed, Islamic Shura Council of So. Cal. will read scriptures from the Koran and lead memorial prayers.

Bill Mitchell, Vietnam Veteran and father of Army Sgt. Michael Mitchell, 25, of Porterville, CA killed in Sadr City, Baghdad on April 4, 2004 (along with Peace Mom Cindy Sheehan's son Casey.)

Joyce Riley, RN, Gulf War Veteran, served as Captain in U.S. Air Force will speak about Veterans concerns.

Callie Wright, MA, RN, C, Trauma Therapist, will speak about Veterans issues.

4:30 PM: Candlelight vigil ceremony will begin, 1,000 candles will illuminate a field of 2,000 plus crosses and continue burning through the night.

Iraq Vet, Lance Corporal Jeff Key will play taps at dusk.

6:15 PM: Two films will be projected on the wall of the pier: A Line in the Sand and The Ground Truth.

There is more planned protests listed on CP's webpage for Saturday and Sunday.

Flag-draped coffins, crosses (where's the ACLU when you need 'em) , candles. All celebrating "commemorating" the deaths in Iraq. These people make me sick. Of course Medea Benjamin tries to justify her organization's actions in this article.

I propose that today we honor our veterans by granting them a one-day "beat a protester" license.

These protesters aren't welcome in Milwaukee:

I will not allow anything political," Mary AnnD'Aquisto, president of Veterans Day Parade of Milwaukee Inc., said Tuesday.
She appeared at a news conference called by John Zutz, a leader of the local peace group, to denounce the action.
"You're trying to use our parade to further your political agenda," D'Aquisto told Zutz. "It's a political organization; not a veterans organization."
Damn skippy.