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Friday, November 18, 2005

Ohio is trying to get anti smoking law on ballot

Let me start out by saying I am a smoker, but that has not changed my views. I was against this before I was a smoker.

It seems there is a group trying to get petitions on a law that would ban smoking inside any business that had less than 50% of its sales come from alchohol. Here is a link on this. My issues with this have nothing to do with smoking. My problem is that it is the government interfering on the rights of a business owner. While the two main arguements are the health of employees and health of patrons, these arguements are flawed. First, you do not HAVE to work for a company that allows smoking. Second, you do not have to patronize a place that allows smoking. It may not be convenient, but it is your choice.

Also, anyone with a basic understanding of economics will know that in a capilitalistic society a business not providing what its customers want will fail and be replaced by a business who offers what the customer wants. Where the problem from the anti-smoking crowd comes in is the fact that smokers have more will power than non-smokers. I'm not trying to upset anyone, let me explain. Smokers will not go to a restraunt, bar, ect. where smoking is banned. Non-smokers will go to said businesses. In this area there is a city which has passed a similar law and several of the businesses have went under, leaving signs saying "Sorry, we are out of business, but atleast no one is smoking here". Also there was a cafe that went out of its way to make sure non smokers knew it was a haven. Within a year said business went under.

The bottom line here is not only does it take away rights of an individual business owner, it also causes more serious economic issues than Ohio can handle