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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Of Breasts and Brains

Breasts?! Where?!

Well, on the ladies of the "Breasts Not Bombs" (WARNING: link not work-safe or for weak-stomachs) protesters that are just part of the landscape at your local hippie moonbat anti-war demonstrations.

You're might ask, "Who the hell cares about these nuts?" Well, apparently the people on one of the message boards I frequent feel that a recent decision by a Sacramento federal judge is a possible violation of free speech:

"It's freedom of speech to show up topless b/c there's a major disparity in what's legal for the two sexes. Women being topless is a statement against the inherent inequality of the law."

Now that argument is rather silly to me, because it isn't about the inequity of the law, but the inequity of nature. Nonetheless you can argue the law with the skill of Johnny Cochran, but you will still gloss over the simple fact that human nature makes the act of bearing one's breasts to gain intellectual validity futile and without merit. Let me explain:

I live in Miami, and one of the biggest attractions here is South Beach. Why? The weather, the calm seas, and the gourgeous, topless women. Yup, South Beach is 'top optional'. Now for some guys in Miami Beach (for those heterosexual males who are already planning to move here since the last two sentences, notice I said "some guys") this is a treat, since you can go to the beach and almost get the same entertainment that you can at your local strip club minus the (legal) beer-drinking and cover-charge. It's the nature of the human male, we are visual creatures that find the female form visually pleasing at a subconscious level (I realize that the target may be different for homosexual men, but the principle is the same). How often do women complain about men staring at their chests whole talking to them? It's a matter of subconcious nature that a guy who titty-stares wasn't taught to overcome.

Some will complain that men are "expoiting" women by going to a titty bar, but any man who's honest with you can argue that it is the men who get exploited. All that young, sexually attractive woman on stage has to do is wiggle her body around and guys will subconciously start tossing cash her way, leaving us cashless and with no course of action except a cold shower or need for some 'alone time'. Meanwhile, she can pay her college tuition. Most guys realize that this is at most "mutual exploitation", and it's nothing more than an exchange of money for a service. Some women enjoy the control over men who find them sexually appealing, make no attempt to discourage a man's reaction, and have no problem capitalizing on it.

Then there's that old joke that men end up paying for sex whether we are married or not, and with the costs and commitment of marriage, a prostitute is really just someone you pay to leave afterwards, but I digress.

The point of bringing up South Beach and strip clubs is this: that when we see a set of tits, we don't care whether you are smart, have a degree, or have good ideas about socio-economics. We probably will just see a set of tits, and the rest of you is just a means of transporting them. That's not to say that men cannot find a woman intellectually attractive, it's just that our nature predisposes us to a different set of priorities than women. If a woman we find attractive wants her intellect and ideas to be taken seriously, then baring her chest is not the way to do it, an it leads to her cheapening herself, because ultimately a sharp mind is more valuable (and harder to find these days) than a set of good tits (and the gods help you if you have both!).

So when these women go to a anti-war rally, or the steps of the state capitol and take their shirts off, they are just a bunch of topless women (and not very attractive ones at that, judging by the pics), and no one cares about their views on foreign policy. Their ends are defeated by their means.

But let's be honest, it's all an attention scheme anyway. Most halfway intelligent men realize this, and blow them off as simply people who foolishly think that breasts = brains, or attention = intellectual validity.

A pic of my son playing on South Beach. My wife sent this pic to my mom without realizing what woman in the background wasn't wearing.