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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

My Last for the Day

I just got through a wonderful book titled "Michael Moore is a Big Fat Stupid White Man", quite an interesting read and shows first, how Michael Moore's support is a death warrant:

Roger and Me 1989, attacking GM
GM 1989-1995 profits soar by $1.6B
Moore denounces Kosovo 1999 saying "But bombing the people of his country is exactly the wrong way to stop him"
1999 Milosevic withdraws from Kosovo, loses an election, arrested, tried for war crimes
2000 Moore endorses Nader
2000 Nader loses, bringing down Gore with him, electing Bush
2001 Moore claimes Nader's campaign gave democrats control of the senate
2002 Republicans win senate
2001 Moore criticizes Cheney for being reluctant to sell Halliburton stocks
2001 Cheney sells stock and saves millions when stock collapses
Sept 2001 Moore opposes Afghanistan war
Nov 2001 Taliban collapses, Kabul falls
March 2003 Moore opposes Iraq war
April 2003 Baghdad falls
2003 Miramax finances Moore
2004 Disney stock falls and Michael Eisner is fired
2003 defends Dixie Chicks
2003 Dixie chicks announce they are done with country music
2001 Moore claims no chance in Bush passing a drug benefit bill
2003 Bush passes medicare bill
2004 Moore supports Wesley Clark
2004 Clark drops out of the race
2004 Moore supports Dean
2004 Dean drops out of the race

Then some facts often ignored about Moore to use when confronted by the moonbats:

Moore Claims he is from Flint MI, but is actually from Davison, a rich suburb. Minor detail, but if he won't claim his real hometown, what are we to believe?

Larry Steco won a suit against Moore for false a light invasion of privacy for what was shown in Roger and Me. Seems Moore has been sued, and lost, for misrepresenting facts in his mockumentaries.

Moore says the current economic system has "got to go", then when asked about it, he says, "Now don't ask me what to replace it with because I don't know." He can tell you what is wrong, but has no solutions on how to fix it, a sign of a democrat.

Moore claims he read that 40-44 million Americans were illiterate, but ignores that 25% were immigrants and 19% were sight impared. 44% of his 40-44 million is only 24 million, which is 5% of the population, compared to 21.8% in England/Wales and 22.6% in Ireland. We have 21.1% reading at the top level, compared to 16.6% in the U.K. and 13.4% in Germany.

Violent crime in America: U.S ranks 23 in homicide rate, which is better than all socialist/communist countries. U.S ranks better off than Iceland, Canada, and Australia. Seems that Moore is misleading people again.

Moore charges up to $30K/speech, but then agrees with Pope John Paul II that "capitalism is a sin". He offered a pre-screening of "Bowling for Columbine" to the victim's families, but still insisted they pay to see it. Moore defends GM employees, but is part of the problem when it comes to layoffs. "When I became an adult I decided I didn't want a GM car, mainly because they broke down more often than I did. So I bought Volkswagens and Hondas and drove around town with pride" Wow, he is against capitalism, but uses it for success. He has no moral ground what so ever. Finally he will not buy American and attacks companies for outsourcing --if you aren't part of the solution, you are part of the problem.

He attacks Disney's use of sweatshops, but then agrees to a deal to have Miramax release Farenheit 9/11. Seems he doesn't mind if it benefits him.

He supports unions, but threatens to fire his writers if they unionize. He realizes Unions are nothing more than extortionists, but will not publicly say it

Moore quotes "I'm a millionaire, I'm a multi-millionaire. I'm filthy rich."
"They're just pissed because they're not sitting in this apartment (refering to his 1.9 million dollar one), they played by the rules, and now they're a grunt..." Seems he loves capitalism, just not publicly.