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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Jackasses Gone Wild: Behind the Wheel at the DNC

Michelle Malkin has some mugshots up of some of lefty fringe-types who broke the law doing such things as:
-Breaking into a GOP office and punching the local chairman.
-Assaulting a police officer during a anti-war protest.
-Slashing tires of vans rented by GOP workers.
-Attempting to run-over a Republican Congresswoman.
-Stealing and cutting down GOP campaign signs.
-"Stalking and terrorizing" a woman because she had a pro-Bush bumper sticker.
-Vandalizing a Medal of Honor memorial.
So much for tolerance, peace, and free speech. Malkin also has this post documenting the reactionary response to Alito's nomination.

However these kind of reactions to President Bush's nominee isn't limited to a few crazed hippies. Jesse Jackson's demagoguery uses Rosa Park's legacy:

There are those who will honor her now in the morning while working to overturn her legacy in the afternoon. President Bush honored her and then nominated Samuel Alito, a states' rights, strict-constructionist throwback to a bygone age, to the Supreme Court. Alito is a "favorite" of the conservative right wing in the nation that has stood on the opposite side of history from Rosa Parks. His legal foundation is clearly adverse to civil rights, women's right to self-determination and labor. He has even earned himself the nickname "Scalito," after Justice Antonin Scalia, the court's most radical reactionary.
Wow. Who knew the Constitution was a throwback to a bygone age?
DU notes (and supports) Howard "Yeearrgghh" Dean's comments:

"Alito's record suggests an activist judicial philosophy bent on rolling back the rights and freedoms that all Americans value. Alito has sought to limit the rights of women and people with disabilities in discrimination cases, demonstrated an open hostility to women's privacy rights even in basic reproductive health matters, has a record of hostility toward immigrants, and tried to immunize employers from employment discrimination cases. It is particularly troubling that President Bush would nominate a judge who would reverse American progress and make the Supreme Court look less like America on the same day that most Americans are honoring the life and legacy of Rosa Parks."
This blog says that Alito will allow race- and disability-based discrimination, and he even hates immigrants too. Yet all I see is someone basing their decision on those cases on the letter of the law.

This blog also continues the tradition of fear-mongering:
There seems only one way to interpret Samuel Alito's nomination: George W. Bush's war against women, the poor, and minorities is back, and stronger than ever. Ladies, if you value your right to control your own body, you might as well enjoy it while it lasts, because a collection of largely White Republican Males will be taking it away from you shortly. And you women who voted for Our Glorious Leader last November are going to have only yourselves to blame.

That's right, Bush is waging war on the poor, even though he's helping to spend $200 billion to rebuild a city who's poor have suffered under decades of liberal policies.

I guess what really scares 'em about Alito is that, once he's confirmed, the libs will no longer be able to rely on the court system to legislate their policies, and will have to resort to doing it the old-fashioned way: getting their candidates elected and passing bills to change the law.

Further kook-ery:
This site catalogs the times the loonies have said "Bush is Hitler".