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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In Circles Where "The Highest Form of Patriotism is Dissent"...

...the highest form of dissent is often patriotism.

Here's an exchange between a Code Pink protester and a marine counter-protester outside Walter Reed this past week:

Coop, a Marine veteran of the Gulf War, went to the other side of the street after the Pinkos had abandoned one corner and were leaving. A bearded, chubby Pinko eunuch walked past the American-flag-holding Coop and said "It doesn't matter if you let the flag touches the ground as long as you wipe your arse with it."

(Our previous reports have noted that the Pinkos touch the American flag to the ground after almost every protest and we have even photographed it several times. Arse Wipe Guy has no doubt read the reports. )

(And don't you dare call this Arse Wipe unpatriotic, lest he cry fowl.)

Coop said: "Come on over and try to take this flag if you feel like wiping." [Arse keeps walking.] "I've served for this flag. Have you? Have you?"

Arse Wipe said: "No, I'm not a murderer."
For more (including pics) Check out FReepers.

In another incident:
Recently, one soldier shared his stories with us of his experiences with those opposed to the war. To preserve his privacy from vindictive leftists, I'm leaving out details that might help them identify him.

The soldier told us of returning to a stateside civilian airport last year in uniform. Most of the time, he said, he and his fellow soldiers are greeted warmly, regardless of politics.

However, this time he was approached by a man who berated his service. The soldier responded with what is a standard statement, that he was fighting for the man's right to make such comments.

The man replied by spitting on the soldier.

A police officer witnessed the exchange and promptly intervened. He arrested the man for assault and took him away.

This month, while the soldier was staying at Walter Reed, he ventured out with four of his buddies for a relaxing evening at a local establishment.

A man approached the obviously wounded soldier and called him a "baby killer." The soldier responded by telling the man that he was fighting for his right to say things like that.

The man replied by shoving the soldier hard in the chest with both hands.

The soldier instinctively defended himself and decked the man with one punch.

As the man lay on the floor, five of his friends approached the wounded soldier to take him and his four buddies on.

Foolishly, they failed to recognize the group of eight Marines and Air Force personnel also hanging out in the joint who had been watching the wounded soldier's back.

It was all over very quickly. The manager asked everyone to leave, but he made a point of thanking the military men for their service to our country.

There you have it.