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Friday, November 18, 2005

Humane Society is next PETA

I have for many years supported much of what the humane society has done, but recently they've crossed the line. Their latest efforts are to put a minimum age on hunting. Of all people I figured the humane society would realize that hunting helps thin out herds preventing their starvation. Also in many areas there are issues with animals such as deer causing a large number of fatal accidents. Maybe they don't realize that only 37 people have been killed since the 1870's in hunting accidents involving children (I heard this on the radio and am awaiting response regaurding this information, which I will post). This doesn't hurt anyone, and helps many, I have sent my disaproval letter to the Humane Society (, hopefully others will follow suit

Update: I recieved an email from Scott Sloan of 700 WLW in Cincy. He informed me that the number of people killed in hunting accidents involving children came from an email he recieved and could not verify it. So while that stat MAY be inaccurate, it is still a small number and is still no reason to suggest children shouldn't learn how to hunt.