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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

French Riots - A Rant

This is a rant (with good points) that I enjoyed, and with his permission I am posting it for you all to enjoy - so enjoy!

[ Warning: If you're looking for a philosophical
essay, you're reading the wrong post. I'm venting.
In fact, I'm foaming at the mouth.

Read at your own risk. No promises of fairness or
reasonability in the post below should be perceived.
Tomorrow, I may feel that this went too far, but
if so, I will say that it went too far in the right
direction, at least.

My, this took me back - to stories of a time when Chicago was torn
by strife, and hate and anger filled the air. People didn't feel
understood, and the elder mayor Daley knew that, so he said those
three little words that can mean so much:

"Shoot to kill!"

(rioters, arsonists, and other fun people, that is). My sympathies
for the rioters is limited. We have a pair of young men, evading
police who weren't looking for them, being stupid enough to try
to hide out in a transformer station. One might think that the
crackling sound of electricity in the air - and I mean that
literally, the field strengths are literally that great - one
might think that sound would be sign enough for somebody to
conclude that going in there would not have been a good idea.
But they didn't conclude that, and the kids managed to get
themselves killed, courtesy not of governmental oppression,
racial or cultural intolerance or of anything else other than
the laws of Physics and their own stupidity, neither of which
the local governments could do much about.

On this basis, we now have massive arson directed against schools,
government buildings and other "symbols of authority". That's the
excuse - "it's the fault of Europeans that a few of our kids
did something unbelievably stupid and got themselves killed
all by their lonesomes, so now we will respond with a multitude
of random acts of violence all throughout France and now going
into Germany and Belgium".

Let's grab a dictionary and look up the word "pretext". Violence
engaged in on a basis this flimsy is violence people were waiting
for an opportunity to inflict all along. If it wasn't this, it
would have been something else.

People who think like this have no place in civilized society.
Europe, I think, has been committed to foolish immigration
policies that bring in a hostile population that can not be
incorporated into any Western society, because Europeans
feel guilty about the Holocaust. OK, fine, but the response
is misplaced. There's a difference between turning on a
peaceful and loyal resident population that has historically
longed to return to a home that its ancestors were forcibly
uprooted from, and inviting in a few extremely fertile
marauders who'd love nothing better than to burn the infidels
out of their homes, preferably while said infidels were asleep
in their beds. The rioters may look something like the departed
Jewish populations of much of France, but they certainly don't
think much like those distant relations of theirs.

Very distant relations at that, with a history that one shouldn't
read too much of before going to sleep at night.

There isn't anything evil or intolerant about saying "I don't
want to invite somebody into my home who's going to clutch
at straws looking for an excuse to kill me". That's just common
sense, but it seems to be common sense lost on the current
population of France, some of whom seem to be talking
appeasement, a strategy that has worked such wonders for
Europeans in the past. Shades of Neville Chamberlin.

Some of the cultural gulf between being French and being
French-American (or partially so) may be making its
appearance on this one -

Old World French - "We must understand the turmoil
in their hearts, no? Please, my kind Saracen friend,
content yourself with involuntarily pleasuring my
daughters while we discuss how much of my business
I'll be expected to turn over to you."

French-American - "Right this way, Anwar! And thanks
for giving me a chance to try out my new hunting rifle.
Any last words, you sociopathic piece of (ahem!)?"

That country has changed SO much since some of our ancestors
came over from it. Dad's ancestors came from these little
mountainous provinces in the East that held their own against
enemies many times their size for centuries, because they
fought well in their own defense, and they fought without
apology when it was called for. Somebody attacks you or
your home? You don't have a nice philosophical discussion
with him about the arbitrariness of concepts of guilt
and innocence and rights to life and property, you just blow
his freaking head off, and let the historians discuss the
philosophical ramifications when things cool down and survival
is assured. Or you do as some of the Savoyards did, and roll
nice big boulders down the mountainside in the direction of
him and his oncoming band, and splatter the aforementioned
head and the rest of his body halfway to Spain.

THAT was the spirit that made France a country that nobody
wanted to trifle with. I'm wondering if it's a spirit that's
been bred out of the people who didn't emigrate to the
New World. Send a few rioters like our friends outside
Paris through Louisiana or some parts of Wisconsin and
see how long they last. But in Paris, I can already picture
the people huddling in their coffeehouses, drowning their
sorrows in caffeine while speaking sagely about how to deal
with the latest pack of barbarians at their gates, acting
about as effectively as their predecessors did on one
very special day during the early 1940s. The only difference
is that the Germans are now equally ineffectual.

Excuse me while I puke, although perhaps I should focus more
contemplatively on one of the biological mysteries of our
age - how French women manage to give birth to French babies
without there being any men around. Parthenogenesis in an
anthropoidal species? It's positively revolutionary! All the
same, there are good reasons why I fly the stars and stripes
over on the pgnchil homepage and not the tricolor, and we're
seeing a good illustration of one of those reasons right now.
Spit on your patriotic Jewish neighbors and make nice with
the enemy who's moving in? Brilliant, just brilliant.


Also, Thomas Sowell has written his take on the riots:
Riots in France: The Barbarians at the Gates of Paris