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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The French Riots and the Consequences of Entitlement

Take my previous post on this subject with a grain of salt. There is actually more involved here, and as an American, I do not have a ground-eye view of the riots.

Others have stated that it is because the French are convinced of their own superiority, and that they have denied the immigrant population opprotunity, a kind of de facto racism, resulting in the failure to assimilate the tidal wave of new immigrants. I think that even if that is true is a symptom of another problem: the French welfare state. Let me explain:

If it is true that the French are guilty of pompusness to racism, what has allowed them to get away with it?

Riots aren't new to France. Face it, the French riot about everything, even the price of bread. They destroy other people's property because they feel like they don't have enough of their own . Human nature just doesn't value what is given as much as what is earned (with the exception of gifts where the recipient values the giver, i.e. "sentimental value"). Kids are great examples of this. If you give them everything they want, when they want it, they will not value any of it, no matter how hard others work to provide them with it. Inversely, if you make them earn what they have, they will value it and will even defend it.

That's what I think the welfare state gets us. No one has any value for property, theirs or others. Not only that, but if you give someone everything, they will only want more, and nothing will satisfy, nothing has value. If one is forced to earn, then they learn to judge what is valuable and produce things that others deem valuable, creating a market, and benefit others in their mission to earn what they decide is valuable.

My theory here is that the French have been able to get away with blowing the immigrants off for several generations because they have need to value what they bring to the table. Not only that, but they can get off not hiring the newcomers because the damn taxes and government regulations are such that expansion of wealth and the market is choked off. This is evidenced by their pathetically high unemployment and dismal economic growth.

In a free market competition is such that men value the ability to produce over the color of skin. Remember, it was the enacting of Jim Crow laws by government that forced Rosa Parks into the back of the bus, before this, the bus companies didn't care where black people sat, black money is as good as white money, and pissing the consumer off is bad for business. If the French opened their markets up, you'd see conditions there improve.

It's these simple principles concerning free-markets and human nature that people do not, and seem to refuse to, understand.