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Monday, November 14, 2005

Democrats Use Finger to Plug "Bush Lied" Leaks

The Democrats have been on the defensive this weekend since Bush's Vets' Day speech. Already this morning the usual pundits on the cable channels engaging in what seems to be little more than evasion and distraction tactics in order to limit the damage.

As Powerline reports, Chris Wallace took Senator Jay Rockefeller to task on his pre-war comments, and Senator Rockefeller finds out he doesn't have enough fingers.

Think Progress is trying to plug the dike by essentially telling us the intel doesn't matter:
What the right wants you to believe is that because these intelligence agencies may have believed Saddam had WMD, they also believed that the intelligence rose to the necessary level of justifying military force to invade Iraq. That is entirely false. In fact, many of our friends and allies believed the opposite — that based on the intelligence they had, the threat of Iraq did not rise to the level of justifying immediate force.
Of course, I find it hard to trust the assessments of these "friends and allies" in light of the Oil-for-Food scandal. Yet as ideologues show, the facts don't matter when you have an agenda to push (Check out the comments section, a poster by the name of "wwallace" take them to task; watch the reaction).

And who could forget this post about the speech on DailyKos? Ironically, it uses the finger literally.

Hey, even John McCain said he doubts Bush lied. Thanks John.