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Thursday, November 10, 2005

The Cluelessness of the Anti-War Movement

There is a big hoopla at such places as the DailyKos about the apparent use of white phosphorus (WP, "willy pete" or "whiskey pete") in a technique known as "shake and bake", where WP rounds were dropped on enemy forces in order to force them out of their holes and then dropped HE (high explosive) rounds to finish them off.

So what? War is hell, right?

I guess the anti-war moonbats don't think so. They are accusing the U.S. of using "napalm and poison gas", and even "napalm gas" (which is retarded, since napalm is a gel) The State Department released a rebuttal discounting the claims and stating that no illegal chemical weapons were used.

Not good enough for the moonbats! Bush lied you see!

There is even releasing a "documentary" on what they consider to be "war crimes", implying the use of WP in an anti-personnel role was wrong, including an interview with an "ex-marine" that anyone who's spent time in the military has to see for themselves. Luckily, here's a video interview with him, and an English transcript of the interview.

I found it good for a laugh and I plan to show my co-workers what the anti-war movement presents as "reliable sources". Let me point out the problems with it:

1) Those explosions were of standard artillery, illumination rounds and air-burst munitions (likely from an MLRS). Nothing that you don't see on any US military artillery range.

2) Those bodies were decomposed, and not one of us can tell how they were killed from a few seconds of videotape. They look like many other dead, decomposed enemy soldiers that I've seen pics of. Not that mutilated, charred bodies with remnants of clothing are unusual in a war.

3) That "ex-marine" they rolled out. Holy crap, that was the funniest part. He comes off like many a PX-Ranger. Let me address his points:

JEFF ENGLEHART:From the U.S. military, yeah, absolutely. White phosphorus. Possibly napalm may or may not have been used; I do not know. I do know that white phosphorus was used, which is definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a chemical weapon.
No shit, WP is chemical, so are fuel-air bombs, as a matter of fact every modern munition uses chemicals, yet somehow we are going to place everything in the same "moral" category as VX gas? Second, this guy has the gall to say "possibly" napalm was used, but doesn't explain how he's so sure. Sounds to me like he made it up to make his story more sellable.

JEFF ENGLEHART:Well, it comes across radio as a general transmission. When it happens like that, you hear it on the radio through -- we have speakers in our trucks -- speakers and then the transmission goes to the speakers, so it's audible. And as they'd say, "In five [inaudible], we're going drop some Whiskey Pete." "Roger. Commence bombing" I mean, it just comes across the radio, and like, when you hear "Whiskey Pete", that's the military slang.
Yeah, "trucks" is slang for Humvees, and since he was escorting a commander (but gives no rank or position) it's likely he spent the battle riding in a Humvee behind the front line, simply "listening to the game on the radio".BTW, soldiers don't get the job of "escorting a commander" (which means he probably was just driving an officer) by being a high quality soldier, they get a job like that because they pissed someone off or screwed-up, and the guys who do the actual combat don't want him leading other soldiers or risk getting anyone killed, so they put him somewhere where he's out of the way. Second "whiskey pete" can mean any type of WP munition, whether illumination or anti-personnel round.

JEFF ENGLEHART: It seemed like just a massive killing of Arabs. It looked like just a massive killing.
Wow, mass killing during combat, imagine that. Oh and no shit we were killing Arabs, since the people we are fighting are...Arabs! Of course he saw all this with his own eyes sitting in his truck in the back-end of the battle. Here is the worst part of his story where he loses all credibility:

JEFF ENGLEHART: The gases from the warhead of the white phosphorus will disperse in a cloud. And when it makes contact with skin, then it's absolutely irreversible damage, burning of flesh to the bone. It doesn't necessarily burn clothes, but it will burn the skin underneath clothes. And this is why protective masks do not help, because it will burn right through the mask, the rubber of the mask. It will manage to get inside your face. If you breathe it, it will blister your throat and your lungs until you suffocate, and then it will burn you from the inside. It basically reacts to skin, oxygen and water. The only way to stop the burning is with wet mud. But at that point, it's just impossible to stop.
Now let me get this straight, WP doesn't burn through cloth, but it will go through thick rubber? I hope you all see the contradiction here. This guy is full of bullshit, and I'd advise the anti-war people to drop his ass off at the next fast-food joint with a 'help wanted' sign out front.

The funny thing is that all this freaking out is futile, because WP munitions are legal, terrible (war is like that, you know), but legal.

All the military is guilty of here is killing the enemy, which is our job!

The anti-war fringe is grasping at straws.