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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

CIA's Leak Problem

The WaPo has this story about the CIA's alleged "black sites", which are detainment centers for the highest-level assets such as Al-Qaeda's leadership, located in places such as Eastern Europe.

You can bet a simple Google or Technorati search will reveal the moonbats freaking out already, worried more about the life and liberty of terrorists who seek to deprive them of life and liberty, yet seek to limit the work of us whose job is to protect their life an liberty and the rest of the people within this nation.

What's worse is that this shows there is a problem with loose-lips over a the agency that is supposed to secure our national interests. It's obvious to me this is politically motivated, or possibly personally motivated.

There will surely be an amount of hypocrisy here. It was a huge deal when a CIA agent (Plame) was outed, requiring calls for Congressional investigations and impeachments an attempt that was obviously inteded to hurt President Bush. Yet the outing of a CIA operation, possibly also to hurt the President, will that warrant the same treatment? I doubt it.

I certainly hope it does. Someone in the CIA is playing politics at the price of our nation's security, whether intended on a personal or national level, and this leak has to be fixed.


Yup, already people already are calling these prisons "Secret CIA torture chambers" Ugh.

*shakes head*