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Monday, November 28, 2005

The Changing Political Perspectives in America

In one of the forums I frequent, the new discussion is that of a week-old NYT editorial entitled "The Center No Longer Holds".

As I read this it became most apparent to me that this is less about what defines a moderate as it is a whine lament of a pair of LLL (Loony Liberal Left) professors who're trying to find any reason under the sun why their politicians can't get elected. Of course, this is all the fault of some eeevil right-wing conspiracy and has nothing to do with the possibility that the majority of the voters simply don't like Democratic candidates.

Yet the authors have the incredible arrogance to say, "small states, which lean Republican, are so overrepresented". Is that to imply that the Constitution was perhaps flawed in it's requirement for 2 senators in every state, as if the only votes that should matter are the ones in New York and California? I'm sure they'd deny this implication if asked, but it's still an idiotic thing to write.

Another point wrong in the article: the fact that tax cuts increase tax revenues, not lower them.

Look, the Dem leadership has simultanously defined themselves as 'the party opposing the war', while losing their more traditional platforms. In doing this they've lost message and have let themselves track farther and farther to the left 'till they've become defined by the likes of the Democratic Underground and, and they're hardly centrist.

Now many on the left think that Democratic politicians are not left enough, that they are too busy trying to pander to the right. Which of course is not playing the center at all, and flies in the face of the notion of this article. What seems to be happening is that the LLL wants the DNC to tack left while saying that is the conservatives that are moving right.

If anything, the GOP is moving left, and embracing a big government philosophy.

Unfortunately, politicials are bureaucrats, and big government is what keeps them employed, often without regard as to which side of the aisle they sit on. And pointy-headed lefty professors will always find reasons to avoid the flawed notions of their individual ideologies. Just look at Noam Chomsky.