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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Bush's Vets' Day Speech Sends Dems Into Bouts of BDS

So, anyone check out Bush's speech yesterday? I caught the latter half of it and thought, "it's about damn time he stood up." I enjoyed it, I wish he'd address his critics more often.

Of course, his opponents are trying to feign outrage that he talked about the war on veteran's day:

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says it is "never appropriate" to try to play politics with war or with veterans. She says the president is doing "a disservice" to U-S troops and the nation by trying to silence those asking questions about putting U-S forces in harm's way.
Unless your against the war of course, then it's okay to parade the dead. So far no one on the left has made a congnitive excuse argument rebutting Bush's points.

Other's aren't being so subtle. Check out some of the comments from the unhinged at the Huffington post:

-"I've yet to here the truth from this lying sack of shit that the RNC and SC placed in the presidency. May Bush and every dumgb fuck that voted for him, rot in hell!"
-"The repugnant party. The fear and smear party. The party of hate"
-"The only people who "hate" Americans are right wingers, who are so pathological about their hatred of "liberals" and Democrats, half the population of their country, that you are all willing to politicize terrorism in order to keep up your war on fellow citizens, Rove's real war."
DailyKos takes it even further, with a gem entitled, "Fuck you, Mr. President". I dunno about you, but I always enjoy reading the comments on that site, It's funny how the "compassionate left" is filled with so much hate.

BTW, BDS= "Bush Derangement Syndrome"