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Saturday, November 05, 2005

Book Review: Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Profiles in Liberal Hypocrisy by Peter Schweizer

Much talk of this book had been about the investments by Michael Moore into such corporations such as Halliburton, Boeing and multiple HMO's, but there is so much more. Did you know that despite Moore's claims that he grew up in the humble, blue-collar surroundings of Flint, Michigan, he actually never lived there? Nope, he grew up nearby in Davison, a son of a white-collar General Motors executive!

This book will provide readers with plenty of information regarding some of the Left's biggest icons. The fact that some of the most visible anti-capitalists, enviromentalists, pro-unionists, race-mongers, and champions of the "working-class" are in fact, engaged in the exact opposite of what they preach. For instance, not only is Michael Moore invested in "Big Oil", but so is Noam Chomsky, Ted Kennedy, and Ralph Nader! Nancy Pelosi, a champion of enviromentalists, is invested in a golf course in near San Francisco that has shirked all envronmental laws since it's opening in 2000, negatively impacting two endangered species. We also find out about Cornel West (a professor of African-American studies at Princeton), who tells his young students that middle-class blacks are "decadent" for moving to the suburbs, when he himself lives in wealthy neighborhood with a population that's 2% black!

Probably the biggest scumbag in the book is George Soros, a Hungarian Jew who survived the holocaust as a teenager by helping the Nazis persecute Hungarian Jews ("In many ways...the happiest year of my life"). He donated millions to finance the activist organization, to help defeat George Bush in the 2004 elections. He is recently trying to bankroll the building of the IFC at Ground Zero, and is a principle financer of several of the left's chief causes. Yet he made his billions in a predatory form of capitalism known as "currency speculation," (betting on the failure of foreign currencies), often having negative results for taxpayers in several countries. Also consider that when you watch the news about the riots in Argentina, during the President's vist, he is the biggest landowner in Argentina.

This is a miniscule amount of the information within this book. What we find out, is that leaders such as Noam Chomsky, Michael Moore, Al Franken, Ted Kennedy, Hillary Clinton, Ralph Nader, Nancy Pelosi, George Soros, Barbara Steisand, Gloria Steinem, Cornel West, John Kerry, Terry McAuliffe, Peter Singer and more are guilty of the very same things that they fault conservatives and businessmen alike with. Every person in this book who tells us to raise taxes in fact avoids them with the use of shelters and phony charities!

Mr. Schweizer doesn't take a holier-than-thou appoach in this book. His point is that many of the capitalistic ventures are not wrong, in of themselves. However, the fact that these people are duping many young liberals into abstaining from the market is wrong. This book will be a tome of information that anyone on the left will find hard to swallow, but every one of them should read.

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