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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Wisdom of the Ancients

"Don't be sluggish in action, discursive in conversation, or scattered in thought. Don't let your soul dry up with self-concern or gush with emotion. Give you life room to breathe. So what if they kill you, hack you to pieces, hunt you down with curses. How can this keep your mind from being pure, sound, temperate, and just? If a man were to stop beside a limpid stream of sweet water and start hurling insults at it, would it suddenly cease to flow? Even if he threw mud and excriment into the stream, it would soon dissolve and wash away and leave no taint or stain. How then can you possess an everflowing spring? By using the freedom you already possess to imbue your character with compassion, simplicity, and modesty."
-Marcus Aurelius
The Emperor's Handbook; VIII.51