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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Wilma Preperation Blogging

Well, she's done her right turn and is heading for what looks to be heading for where I live in Miami.

Now keep in mind there are two factors to consider: 1) Flooding usually kills more than the winds do, and 2) this is a fast-moving storm that's going to lose alot as it approaches and travels over the Everglades. (edit: it turns out that in this storm I'm wrong about this, the weather gurus say that there is so much warm water in the 'Glades right now that the storm won't be reduced much, but we'll have to wait and see)

So far we expect it to be a category 2. So far there have been mandatory evacuations only for those who live in mobile homes (something I would never live in here), and the news has been listing the shelters in Broward County (I live south in Miami-Dade); no call for evacuations of homes and apartments here.

The interesting thing to note is that when these things roll around, all the birds disappear, the outside air is quiet and breezy, and I've seen only one of them all day.

Anyways, we expect some downed trees, the ficus on my back porch will probably end up in my neighbor's porch or in the pond behind my apartment. Although this storm is expected to be moving faster than Katrina did when it moved through here, so we won't be grinded like we were with her.

Jeb Bush is on the news right now: tolls lifted on the Turnpike; National Guard is called up (including helicopters); 220,000,000 gallons of fuel is sitting in the ports with more on it's way; FEMA has several tractor-trailers of relief supplies (ice, water, and MREs) waiting in a hangar on Homestead Air Base. Oh, and have enough supplies and medicine to last 3 days, and don't run your generators indoors (you'd be suprised how many do this). Overall, he's a stark contrast to the debacle that is Ray Nagin.

Will post updates as they come in (and as long as I have power during the storm).

Update (2:39 pm): Took a trip to Home Depot for concrete nails. H.D. was busy but no long lines. Hardly any businesses have boarded or shuttered up so far. Nor is there any lines or shortages at the gas stations. Overall everyone's been through this before and have already gotten most of what we needed before Katrina came through (when it was rather nuts at the gas stations). Have boarded up the back window just because of that tree.

More to follow, Florida Masochist also has some Wilma blogging going.

3:15 pm: Something... and Half of Something, and Florida Cracker, are also blogging.

3:52 pm: Fox news is reporting that landfall is expected tommorrow morning.

4:22 pm: Other Florida bloggers:
Boudicca's Voice
Theodore's World

5:00 pm: New advisory is out from NHC. Good news: the storm is moving faster, up from 8mph to 12mph. Bad news: The winds are increased to 105mph. They are telling us that Wilma is expected to weaken, though they are not ruling out a possible category 3.

8:00 pm: Looks like Wilma is moving at 15mph now with winds up to 110mph (111mph is a category 3). As for us right now, the breeze has picked up.

Monday (1:55am): I know it's early, but I'll try to keep running updates going until the power inevitably goes out.

As of now the storm is a Category 3 (115mph), and moving fast (18mph); there is very little rain so far; we are getting some strong gusts however.

Looks like Boudicca is of the same mind as I am.

Hyku and the Laughing Wolf have some good round-ups of bloggers (including some webcam feeds).

3:00 am: Latest Hurricane advisory posted, the winds are now 120mph. The wind outside is definetly picking up to a constant blow, the air outside is unusually warm for this time of night (even for Miami), and the ground is still dry.

5:30am: The wind is really whipping up. If you listen you can hear an occasional thud in the distance. I'm also typing this for the second time because we had a power surge (lost cable briefly too).

The weather radar on TV shows that we are just now getting the outer bands of the storm. Loose stuff outside is starting to be thrown around a bit.

Whoops. Second power outage just happened. T.V. is reporting that the wind speed is now 125mph, and that we still have to see the main hurricane winds within the next hour.

Dunno how much longer 'till I'll be down permanently, I'll have pics up of the aftermath as soon as I can.

6:00am: Local news is telling us that the worst of it will be here within the next few hours, around 8am or so. Already lost power about 4 times since the last update.

News is reporting the eye wall has made landfall between Naples and Cape Sable. We won't see it for another 4 hours or so.