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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wilma Pictures

As promised. Some didn't turn out so well as I'd hoped, but....

Taken outside my back window around 8:00 a.m. as the winds were at their peak. It Shows my back porch right after the ficus went down. Shortly before, the neighbor to the left of the pic had a tree land in her backyard. Unfortunately this was the only pic taken during the cane that came out decent.

This (to the right) was taken during the 'cane. I was trying to show the number of roof shingles that had been blown off; about a third of their number. Many of us also lost our rain gutters.

Post-storm pic of the shingle carnage. These things were scattered everywhere.

This kids, is why you bring your patio furniture in prior to a hurricane

Pic of the tree that fell into my neighbor's backyard.

Pic of my backyard, post-storm.

The rest of the pics are from a looky-loo trip we took Monday afternoon after the weather cleared.

All the siding facing the southeast side of this house is gone, the other sides were intact as far as I could tell.

Tin roof from something that was tossed quite a far distance.

More damage....

An ex-billboard on US1.....

....Collapsed bus stop also on US1...

And finally a bad pic of the tremendous gas-line heading into the Homestead BJ's. The front of the store is on the left and the parking lot in the center. You can barely make out the overhang at the gas station. The line stretches all the way around the parking lot and down the street.

This little guy made it Ok.