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Friday, October 21, 2005

Wilma and Cuba

Generally we see pictures of people rushing to prep for hurricanes predicted to hit the U.S. (and the rush here is only beginning in Wilma's case). Yet, we always hear the same thing of Cuba's preparations:
The communist government prides itself on saving lives during frequent hurricanes that belt or zip by the island, and its civil defense plans have been praised by the United Nations as a model for other nations. Mandatory, widespread evacuations are common and face little resistance from Cubans accustomed to leaving their homes when the government orders.

But this blog of Cuban immigrants (you may have already seen it on my blogroll), warns us to "take it with a grain of salt":
The Cuban government controls all media sources on the island, and thus any reportage you encounter from even reputable news sources has been pre-approved by said government. It is well documented and understood by all MSM representatives that negative news from within the island can lead to the expulsion of the journalist and their crew with re-entry prohibited. It is, in essence, extortion by proxy.

Yet CNN spins it like this:
In La Coloma buses began lining the streets at 7 a.m. Thursday, signaling residents to pack their bags. Civil defense officials said by midday Thursday more than 220,000 people across the island had been evacuated, most in the island's west closer to the storm.

Wow, sounds like Castro's people have it better than some in the U.S., right? Wrong, Val explains:
Of course there will be shelters, when you live basically in a hut or a building that is crumbling for lack of maintenance, in a home where the government has put you in, that same government better damn well make sure you survive the storm.
Of course thousands of Cubans will be bussed here and there. When you live in a country where no one owns a car, no one can afford gasoline for said car because of the economic shortcomings of its government, then said government better damn well send a bus to get you and take you to that shelter where you will most undoubtedly have to stand because of overcrowding.
What Joe Reporter doesnt show you on the 6 o'clock news are scenes like these, from The Real Cuba, on how Cubans attempt to keep something in their stomachs during a storm.

Yet the Code Pinkos are planning to spend 7 fun-filled days in Cuba"to break George Bush’s ban on travel to Cuba", which is a lie, there is no travel ban to Cuba, but a ban on spending American dollars there, which in fact was enacted by the evil neo-con known as...John Fitzgerald Kennedy!
Babalu Blog has something to say on this too.

No doubt Leslie Cagan (one of Code Pinko's founders) plans to visit her old Venceremos Brigade buddies.