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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Wilma Aftermath Update

Hola everyone, I'm still alive and fairing pretty well after the hurricane. Currently, we are still without power and land-line phones (cellphones are spotty), but we have been able to get ice/more water/propane, and buy food. Some areas aound us have had their power restored so it should be any day now.

I hope to possible have some pics up soon. My neighborhood fared better than during Katrina, mainly due to the lack of flooding and that many of the weaker trees had already been torn down. Yes, the ficus in my back yard fell over, so our porch that overhangs a man-made pond is now canted to the right. Other than that, the only other serious damage was a car that's completely under a tree.

That's not to say that there isn't any carnage. the ground around my apartment is littered with tree parts and shingles. There are downed trees everywhere and many signs on the Turnpike look like discarded tissue paper.

Things have been moderately calm considering it's Miami. People have started to learn that a dead traffic light is to be treated like a stop sign instead of being blown through. It's also rather quiet at night (with the exception of the hum of generators) without power for stereos and we can actually see the stars at night. There has been some unrest, but little that's out of the norm for Miami. It might have have to do with the cool 50-75 degree temperatures. Believe me, it sucks being without power in August, like we were with Katrina.

Yesterday morning was spent in line for propane, and the afternoon was spent in line for ice and additional water. The Florida National Guard and volunteer groups have set up distribution centers all over Miami and Homestead, and its been orderly (for Miami).

Anyways, I hope to be up soon so I can continue the regular blogging schedule.

UPDATE: POWER!!! We've had it since about noon today. Pics to follow soon.