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Monday, October 10, 2005

Who We Are

It seems that even non-Pagans are ignorant of what Pagan conservatism is. Somehow Pagan+Right-Wing = Nazi. Which is bunk.

Now there is alot of ignorance (especially from the left) on what Hitler really believed; was the Nazi's a left-wing organization perfectly in-line with the views of liberals in the American political spectrum? No, nor can they be compared perfectly to the views of the American political right.

This is one thing the moonbats must understand, the term Nazi can only be reasonably applied to Nazis, not to conservatives (or Bush for that matter).

As for my beliefs, I'm an avid supporter of laissez-faire capitalism, of individual rights, personal responsibility, self-determination, and of equality of opprotunity rather than equality of results. Furthermore, I do not advocate anti-Israel/anti-semetic views, nor do I advocate Christian-bashing.

I do not speak for all, and I invite other pagan conservatives/libertarians to add to this blog, but my beliefs on these fundamental principles are common throughout the conservative pagan community.

As a commenter on the first link stated,
"I've never seen as much bigotry toward anyone, from The Left, as passionate as the one against pagan conservatives; I guess it is equal to the disdain liberals have for Black and Hispanic conservatives and for homosexual conservatives. Eventually people are going to have to get used to the fact that the conservative pagan community is growing"