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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday Afternoon Tidbits

Stop the ACLU remarks on the group's hypocracy:

Here’s an idea. How about parents reading the Student handbooks. For the ACLU, who pretend to be concerned about these kids’ privacy, an opt out is not good enough. What is ironic is that if one were to join the ACLU, the would be bombarded with junk mail from all kinds of left wing groups.

Check out the rest.

The moonbats over at the Democratic Underground are happy because of a new Elon University poll that says:

Fifty-six percent of those who had a military affiliation disapproved or strongly disapproved of the president’s handling of the war in Iraq, while 41 percent approved or strongly approved. Twenty-nine percent of those with a military affiliation said the war in Iraq is not worth fighting, the same percentage as those with no military affiliation. Nineteen percent of those affiliated with the military said the war was worth fighting, compared with 14 percent among those without a military affiliation.

Now "military affiliation" means "Active, Reserve, Retired, or Veteran." I'm curious whether they involved Ft. Bragg (or Camp LeJune) in this poll, because the 82nd Airborne had a 97% re-up rate this past fiscal year. However, if you give this poll the benefit of the doubt, the results aren't the saddest part. The sad part is the far-left's attitude, as if this poll is something to celebrate.

SondraK has some info on a story about an Argentinian immigrant who lost part of his sight in Iraq and now is having problems with his immigration status. Michael Yon documented the incident where he was wounded.

Victor Davis Hanson has this excellent article that really puts our current war in perspective with our past wars.