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Friday, October 07, 2005

Pagan Values 1800+ Years Ago

"All the good things you want someday to attain can be yours today. Just get out of your own way. Put the past behind you and the future in the hands of God, and refer every present thought and action to piety and justice. To piety by being happy with the fate which nature crafted you and equipped you for. To justice by speaking the truth freely and simply and by acting as the law requires and as each situation merits. Don't let the wickedness of other men stand in your way, nor your own misconceptions, nor the opinions of others, nor the sensations of your overgrown flesh. Let each sensing part take care of itself.

Now that you are about to depart this life, ignore everything else and attend only to the guiding light of reason and the inspiring spark of divinity within you. Fear not that life will someday end; fear instead that a life in harmony with nature may never begin. Do this and you will be worthy of the cosmos that bore you and no longer a stranger in your own country, puzzled by common everyday occurrences as if you'd never seen them before and dependent on others for every little thing."

Marcus Aurelius
The Emperor's Handbook; XII.1