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Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Just The Facts

It's going to be a light blogging day today due to real-world concerns. Here's the highlights from the news today:

-Today is the 5th anniversary of the USS Cole attack.
Michelle Malkin has more.

-Yahoo! will to Bar Minor-Adult Sex Chat Rooms.
They will also restrict chat rooms to 18 years or older. This after they pulled all their user-created rooms because of fears that child-predators are using them to lure kids. I'm suprised that it took them this long actually, because anyone who had been on Yahoo chat knows there's some creepy-ass people on there. I'm also glad they are setting an age limit as I am sick of trying to have a conversation around "p33pz ho0 typ3 lik dizz".

-Al-Qaeda gives us one more reason not to cut and run from Iraq.
Though it's unlikely to change opinions at the DailyKaos (reality is so hard to follow sometimes, eh?)

-Vietnam Vets are looking to get even with Kerry
You know, for saying they were all murders and rapists and guilty of war crimes.

-Spike Lee looks to profit from Katrina
By racism-mongering of course! He also says "he wouldn't be shocked if conspiracy theories of intentional government involvement in the flooding proved true."