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Saturday, October 22, 2005

Huzzah Linda Blair

Linda Blair, who is most well known as her role of Reagan in the Exorcist, has grown up and moved on, and like most of hollywood has adopted a cause. While this in and of itself isn't news, or even surprising, what is surprising is that she has gone beyond the likes of Sean Penn, who took a boat down to LA to save people, however his boat was overloaded with his personal media and sprung a leak. Blair personally went down to LA, without press to find and rescue dogs that were near starvation. Acting for her foundation she saved 51 dogs that were ignored in the search for people. Now I'm not saying that dogs should have been looked for with people, but that if someone wants to go save dogs while the police search for people, more power to them. Take notes Sean, Oprah, and Mr. Travolta.