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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Hey DailyKos! What About the Rest of Us?

Sometimes I identify with Cartman in his disdain for hippies.

I took a recon into enemy territory this morning and discovered this rant on the DailyKos.

It constantly amazes me how the left seems to seek out and spotlighting the few disgruntled soldiers despite the throng of others who blatantly disagree with them.

Understand something: soldiers complain. It's the reason why infantrymen are called "grunts", because when the complaining stops, it's time to worry.

Disgruntled workers are a fact-of-life for any industry. With soldiers, it's a little different because they can't simply quit nor can they be fired without a horde of paperwork. That's the purpose of keeping basic training stressful and difficult: to weed-out those too weak-minded while hardening those who will one day lead soldiers into combat.

However, the left always spotlights the negative.

I admit, I was one of those soldiers that really didn't enjoy the military much. It wasn't 'till after 9/11 did I fully realized what the warrior ethos was all about. Now I look at those who blog negatively, or worse, those who have ETS'd and are active within the anti-war movement with disapproval.

It comes down to discipline, personal responsibility, and self-sacrifice. You may not like the reasons the politicians had when they decided to send you, but your priority is not to support politicians, your priority is to make sure the men to your left and right and the ones you may never meet come home.

So in closing I ask you, what about the military bloggers that love their work? What of the tens of thousands of those in the Army alone that have re-enlisted in record numbers knowing that they will return to combat? Are they not to be counted by the left in their quest to find moral ground to support their ideologies?

And yet they have the gall to say they support the troops.