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Friday, October 21, 2005

Friday "WTF?!"

Some may try to put MP3 players in breast implants (hat tip: Ramblings of the Skald).

Why stop at MP3 players? Just imagine if there was a PSP implanted. If boobs played video games:

-Women couldn't complain that we ignore them, as long as they don't talk while we're trying to level.

-You could sit in her lap, play, AND have her hold your beer.

-Alternatively she could sit in your lap!

-Heck, have the other boob full of beer! Hooray for beer tits!

-A new Capitialistic opprotunity would arise, a combination strip club/game cafe. Imagine! A room full of gamer-geeks paralyzed for hours! Oh, wait.....

-Another Capitalistic opprotunity: videos of women gaming with women.

-Failing to upgrade to the latest platform would be the only acceptable reason for divorce (along with talking during leveling).

One question though, where would you put the reset button?