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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

The Democratic "Contract With America"


Seeing an opening to reach voters while Republicans are beset by turmoil, House Democrats are privately planning to accelerate the timing of the release of their platform and the major policies they will promote on the campaign trail next year.

Key Democratic sources say Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.)and other House leaders are putting the finishing touches on what arguably will be Democrats most detailed "positive" election-year agenda since the party lost power more than a decade ago. Pelosi has been coordinating with Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), key Democratic strategists, advisers and outside interest groups on the policy platform as well as the party's broader 2006 message.

So what does it entail? Well it's still being hashed out but here's some points from the early draft:

"real security" for America through stronger investments in U.S. armed forces and benchmarks for determining when to bring troops home from Iraq.
The last two Democratic Presidents (Carter and Clinton) largely ignored and loathed the military. Not to mention many of us were on food stamps because of Clinton's cutbacks - until President Bush gave us a few pay raises, that is.

It also sounds like they want to define a date for withdrawal, which is something every competent military leader thinks is an utterly retarded idea.
affordable health insurance for all Americans

Probably code word for "socialized healthcare", which is affordable as long as we don't look at the amount of money the government takes from our paychecks. Truly affordable healthcare will only come from Tort reform and de-regulation.

Energy independence in 10 years.

Consider the Democrat's capitulation to environmental groups, and their eagerness to slap windfall profits taxes on "big oil", both of which has increased our dependence on foreign oil. Their track record displays their competency on this issue.

an economic package that includes an increase in the minimum wage and budget restrictions to end deficit spending

Libertarians and free-market capitalists will argue about the effectiveness of minimum-wage requirements. Basically they are a short-term solution that ends up hurting small businesses in the long run. It's rather hard to get the benefits of a high minimum-wage when there are no jobs because mom and pop are struggling to make the payroll they already have. Maybe the government would do better to ease the tax burden on businesses so they have the spare capital to hire new workers, which will in turn create a higher demand for employment and therefore require businesses to raise their wages in order to compete for competent workers.

universal college education through scholarships and grants as well as funding for the No Child Left Behind act.

All for free, of course.

promise to return ethical standards to Washington through bipartisan ethics oversight and tighter lobbying restrictions
I wonder if this includes interns and perjury.

increase assistance to Katrina disaster victims through Medicaid and housing vouchers
Which sounds to me an awful lot like the same government housing and federal healthcare that those people had before. The problem? They were still poor then; this idea sounds like the maintaining of the status quo in NOLA prior to the disaster where people were kept under the foot wing of the government.

Keep in mind we are already looking at an estimated Katrina spending of $200 billion.

save Social Security from privatization and tighten pension laws.
Which pretty much means they promise to do nothing to improve it either, unless improving it means "saving it from the eeevil neocons". Hopefully they allow me to keep enough of my own money to invest for retirement so I won't be screwed when the system crashes.

Of course, they haven't told us how they plan to pay for all these. Any guesses?

Hint: a word that contains a 't' and an 'x'.

No thanks, I'm competent enough to know how to spend my own money, thank you.