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Friday, October 28, 2005

Delphi files for bankruptcy protection

While this is only mild when it comes to national news, it hits close to home as a suburb of the city I live in has a Delphi plant consisting of 3 separate sites. Delphi has come up with a plan on how to prevent bankruptcy which includes cutting benefits and pay. The CEO has cut his salary to $1/year. However the bigger concern locally is that pay could be cut $3-$5, down to $9-$10/hr. I do realize this is unfortunate to employees, their families, and the local economy, but what has really bothered me is the people who are suggesting boycotts. What they don't seem to realize is that while losing a few bucks an hour is a major blow, it is still better than losing a job, which is their other option. Also consider that a Delphi employee (at the lowest levels) is not required to have anything beyond a high school education. They will not find another job making more than $10/hr with that lack of higher education. Bottom line is it does suck, but you have to consider what the best option is, and in my eyes it is employment