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Monday, October 10, 2005

Corruption of Lawyers

Between corrupt lawyers and judges who legislate from the bench I now am considering the age old which came first question. Is it that we have had judges who allow lawyers to become corrupt Mafia types, or is it the lawyers who have given judges the opportunity to create law? This really has become big when some locals in the Erica Baker case started suggesting that Christian Gabriel (an accomplice in her death) be forced by lawyers and judges alike to disclose the location of this girls body. While this story is truly sad, and I would love for a final resolution, a forced testimony goes against everything this nation stands for. While in this case it would put an end to this tragic story it would lead to more corruption such as the lightest news on Lewis Libby. How can a jury decide a case beyond a reasonable doubt if a prosecutor influences testimony, or any potential evidence?

If Libby is responsible, and the case against him is shown that he did break the law, I want a fair punishment. I realize there are many questions related to Plame's status as far as whether she was a covert agent, that though is for another time. The point I am getting at is you can not convict someone who is coerced into providing evidence.