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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Celebrating Death?

The far-left anti-war movement is marking the 2000th U.S. death in the War on Terror. Problem is, they look rather giddy.

U.S. Army LTC Steve Boylan calls it an "artificial mark":

"I ask that when you report on the events, take a moment to think about the effects on the families and those serving in Iraq," Boylan said in an e-mail. "The 2,000 service members killed in Iraq supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom is not a ilestone. It is an artificial mark on the wall set by individuals or groups with specific agendas and ulterior motives."

In similar news, Cindy "America is not worth dying for" Sheehan is vying for more attention by getting herself arrested...again. She was accompanied by Mary Ann Wright who urges others to engage civil disobedience. I wonder if it's the same "peaceful" disobedience that caused a recruiting center to be vandalized in last month during the protest in D.C.

So much for being anti-war.

PunditGuy has an assessment:

No matter her experience, every action by Cindy Sheehan today aplifies a lack of credibility which ultimately renders her intentions moot. She’s a cartoon character, and her demonstrations look like nothing more than selfish motives to remain in the spotlight. All the while, the memory of her son fades further with her every utterance

I agree.