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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Again America Steps Up To The Plate

U.S. Sends Aid After Devastating Earthquake in Pakistan.

Speaking in the Oval Office with the Pakistani Embassy's deputy chief of mission, Mohammad Sadiq, by his side, Bush said that the United States has already sent some financial aid -- the U.S. Agency for International Development sent $500,000 to the Red Cross in Pakistan on Saturday.
A second relief package in the form of emergency supplies, military helicopters and emergency management personnel was on its way. Two C-130 and a C-17 U.S. military aircraft containing blankets, winterized tents and other relief supplies were in motion already.

So far the U.S. has donated only $50 million in federal aid, granted it's not much, But consider we have had a disaster of our own recently. Yet we're donating much more effectively in the manner of those helicopters, which right now are far more valuable than just cash.

Of course it's not good enough for the "Amerikkka Sucks" crowd.

Screw trying to appease them.