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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Addition to the Amendment Debate

It seems I have gotten some misunderstanding/miscommunication to a previous post (and some attention). Some clarification is needed, that I failed to provide in my haste.

All this is, is an amendment to a defense spending bill. An amendment that does absolutely nothing, and in my opinion, needlessly constricts the ability of our soldiers to complete the mission, because it does not define what is and is not "torture". This is an empty measure designed by politicians to cover their own 4th point of contact (Airborne jargon for one's butt), and make it look like they are doing something substantive. The idea, that the 9 Republicans that voted against the amendment think torture is a good thing, is asinine. They didn't vote for torture, they voted against politicians trying to micro-manage the military.

Like Mudville Gazette has stated, the military already has regulations and a code of conduct when dealing with prisoners. It's called Army Field Manual 34-52, Intelligence Interrogation.

My point is to keep the politicians OUT. When politicians have interfered with the military, we have ended up with incidents like what we saw in Somalia with the downed Blackhawks, and the subsequent firefight.

The majority of what actually is constituted as torture was carried out by small groups of soldiers whose leaders did not enforce the regulations and discipline. There is no mass directive, nor conspiracy to beat-up POW's with baseball bats (as has been the allegation against a unit of the 82nd Airborne).

I am not defending torture. I am addressing the effectiveness of this bill and the ability of our interrogators to use methods other than simply asking questions, which has not worked 100%.

Bear in mind that a major terror attack may have been stopped this weekend in New York because of the work of our interrogators in Iraq.

How can anyone make a blanket statement on whether the military is, or is not, following the regs? Are the incidents at Abu Ghraib and those allegedly done by the 82nd prove that it goes on everywhere? If this was the case, there would be far more reports than just these incidents.

Maybe I'm asking the impossible in trying to get the Left to think outside their box. These men want to see us dead. I feel they think that I, and the other people who are defending the country are the enemy. If this is true, then they simply cannot tell their enemies from their friends, and I cannot show them the difference.

"If we continue to teach about tolerance and intolerance instead of good and evil, we will end up with tolerance of evil"-Dennis Prager

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