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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

When Will the Corruption Cease?

Word coming over the wires of the possibility that the actual amount of police in New Orleans may be 500-700 personnel short of what's actually in the paybooks:

On the heels of N.O. police chief Eddie Compass' resignation, allegations are emerging. Fox News' Tony Snow has said that of the 1700 police working for New Orleans, maybe only 1000 really exist.

Rogers asked someone in the know, who agreed with Snow's statements.

"It's pretty much always been known, but never openly acknowledged, that NOPD's actual numbers were far below the "official" figure of 1500 - 1700," said the source.
Why? Increased federal funding, But it's all to easy to assume that some in the NOPD might have been getting double-paychecks. Where else could the money have gone?

Corruption isn't new to the New Orleans Police Department, which has gone beyond brutality an bribes, but into a murder-for-hire scheme. Not to mention the cops who engaged in looting of their own.

But you can bet all this comes as no suprise for the residents of New Orleans.