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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

A Welcome and a Rant

Well, here it starts. All because I'm sick of reading pagan message boards where the left-wing viewpoint is the predominant one and those who wish to discuss current issues with a serious mind are not shouted-down by those who only seem to want to bash Bush, Republicans, or conservatism in general. Or be compared to the Nazis simply because one loves their country and is proud to say so.

Understand where I come from. I have a military background, I believe in the concept of right and wrong. I feel that peace should be strived for but realize that it may take war to accomplish.
I do feel we have a responsibility to nature, but that nature is a strong force that is not as fragile as some believe. Nature is a balance; for things to grow there must be things that die; it is kind one moment and deadly the next.

There are axioms in life:
- The standards of ethics, honor, and integrity, these are to be...well, standard.
-Self-reliance, self-determination and personal responsibilty are worthy virtues. Blaming your problems on anyone else isn't.
- The only thing you are entitled to in life is death, the rest is hard work and luck.

Sadly enough it seems that not many people in the pagan community hold these basics to be true, if all you know about the pagan community is from what you read on message boards.

So here it starts.

My intention is that this not be my blog alone. I hope that some of you reading this will be motivated to post some comments, write some articles, and post some food for thought. We may not always agree but I'm willing to accept that you may be wrong sometimes (just kidding!).